Parents who wants their children start learning from home itself; then tales in printable form are optimal for home schooling. Different things like short stories can be discovered online and even published, so as to make them easily accessible without any hassle for everyone’s use. Initially child listens to the parents to understand it.

The child starts learning to read at an early age and if it continues everyday then it will helpful in improving child’s listening and understanding skills. To make the child properly involved in the activity and to make them listen and understand can be done with the help of Pictures or using the device which shows the pictorial story line; and for this several apps can be very helpful which are now a days in great demand.

Discussing the stories with the children by asking them the questions related to the story helps the parents to make out whether the child was able to comprehend the story or not. Parents can also engage their children to color the pictures or play the different quiz – which will certainly further improve the toddlers understanding and also their vocabulary.

Thusly, stories are learning tool for home schooling.