Parenting Tips and Early Childhood Education

A child starts learning from the home itself. Whatever the child see at home imitates it and tries to learn that as they spend most of the time at home and with parents. So parent’s duty is to nurture and mold the child in a better way for better future. It’s an ongoing process of learning for the child in school and at home.

Parent’s job or duties are also an ongoing process. Parents should never let their child something from them which is harmful or dangerous. But they mold and nourish their child by imbibing values of life.

School should involve the parents in teaching-learning process as the child spends time with parents at home and the involvement of parents can create a positive impact in the learning process. Parents should be involved in decision making and goal setting for their child; for this regular parents-teaching meeting should be conducted. Different programs should be undertaken – educating families about child growth & development, which will enable parents to support their child in the continuous learning process.

Parents should be responsive to all areas of their child’s development. Healthy development should be there – respective, physical, social, language and cognitive (thinking) skills. Parents should encourage their child’s independence. School should provide a platform where parents are able to collaborate with educators and other parents to empower their child so as to get the academic success.

There are many online resources that provide information to parents about different subjects and also techniques of making the child to learn it easily.