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Managing complex change in today’s schools requires a learner’s mind-set In recent years, the most challenging and important role in all of education is the role of a principal. Among their endless responsibilities, it is now been expected from principals to lead their schools through an evolution to personalized and digital learning. A leader must […]


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Today’s generation kids are wacky for technology! To play, create and use the imaginations of kids is very important for the early learners. Nonetheless, teachers need to understand that students are using technology in this invariably changing world. Incorporating technology, not only reinforces technical skills in children but it also increases student engagement and enhances. […]


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WAYS TO BUILD AUTHENTIC AND GENUINE RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR STUDENTS Behaviour management is a key part of having a successful school year. But before we start focusing only on behaviour management implementation, we need to talk about what is going to help you become a successful teacher in the classroom—developing authentic and genuine relationships with […]


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Parenting Tips and Early Childhood Education A child starts learning from the home itself. Whatever the child see at home imitates it and tries to learn that as they spend most of the time at home and with parents. So parent’s duty is to nurture and mold the child in a better way for better […]


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Generation Y – little brief about characteristics and changing developmental needs of new generation Y generation term generally refers to the generation of people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, i.e., the people born in the year 1982-2000. Apart from being intellectual, students are also emotional and social beings – which impacts […]