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Fundo Kidz

Fundo Kidz is a digital educational game which is designed appropriately according to the age of toddlers. Our vision was an app that would not only entertain children, but would encourage personal growth by providing a wide range of creative and stimulating activities – including ones based on real life experiences. It is a different online application cultivating young minds age 2-7 years through the most interactive digital technology. A parent can get a detailed report of their child. They can see how much time their child has spent on each activity and how he/she has performed. The computer/tablet/phones will be no longer just a device, but they will help to enhance the skills in your child.

We are the one who has launched first time in India the app-based curriculum, where all worksheets and academic aids have been developed on interactive app in the form of games & puzzles. Through which the child can teach faster with fun/playing worksheet and cheerful sounds, without getting addicted to the Gadgets. For us, imagination and individual expression is every bit as important as academic growth and social development. We strive to make our content both constructive and exciting, so that kids will return again and again, retaining their knowledge and refining their skills in the process.

about us

Tecvivid Software Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., is a fast growing Ahmedabad based IT Startup Company in India, offering world class services and solutions to customers globally. Our core competencies are Software Development, Product Development, Application Development, Web Design & Development, Startup Assistance, Android & iOS Game Development, Software Maintenance and Testing services by following the Agile and Lean Methodologies, Quality Processes and timely deliverables, with sound understanding of business processes. We offer next generation software services and solutions by using cutting edge technologies, blended with Cost Effectiveness, Highest Quality and best of the breed After Sales Support.

Tecvivid software solutions is also affiliated with Shanti Juniors, and first time in India launched the app-based curriculum, where all worksheets and academic aids have been developed on interactive app in the form of games & puzzles. Through which the child can learn faster with fun/playing, without getting addicted to the Gadgets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster advancements in learning and education. Fundo kidz will allow parents to enjoy our software app for grooming the children.


Technology should be enlivened and yet alleviated. It is about the new generation – so the kids should be given right amount of knowledge over such advancements. Learning with pleasure and fun is one way to nurture children in more advanced manner and for this Fundo kidz can be the better option. Fundo kidz is a fun way to make toddlers learn and develop their skills.

The all-round features of Fundo Kidz are stated below:

Informative, Interactive and fun learning game

Fundo kidz program is vigorously created to strengthen the correlation between child, parent, home, and school with the help of animated and interactive game which allows a child to have an experience of learning with pleasure.

Digital game

One of a kind digital educational game. Designed appropriately according to the age of toddlers. A digital worksheet is created to have the children recapitulate and learn.

Track performance

The combination of great learning activities, fun rewards, and performance tracking make this app a great choice for any parent looking to add another kid-friendly app to their phone.


Parents will be enabled to get the in-depth reports of a child, so as to know that in which part of the curriculum the child needs more personal attention from the teacher as well as parents.

Connect App

This app will enable parents to connect with the school, and teachers, which will make the parents remain acquainted with the daily updates of the school as well as of their child’s progress.

additional features


  • There are many Informative, Interactive and fun learning game for the enhancing the knowledge of the kids by the fun way.
  • No Data entry required. It gets updated and synchronized daily.
  • As it is connected to the Internet and proper algorithm set for obtaining results; no chances are there for Human errors while doing reporting and analysis.
  • With Connect app school can manage communication easily and effectively.
  • The syllabus can be set as per the school. No fixed syllabus app. It can be changed by the school authorities as and when required.
  • Accessible on multiple digital platforms.
  • Help kids at home to reinforce pre-primary school learning.
  • The app structure is simple and systematic.
  • Parents can track child’s time spent on an app by setting a timer.
  • Child assessments can provide formative evaluation data that benefit staff development.


Discovery Island

In this section it provide an educational and fun platform to extend their knowledge in the most fun way. It has concepts like colors, animals, birds, shapes, weather etc. in it which your child will be learning.

Number Island

In this section it provide a number related concepts and playful platform to extend their knowledge. It has concepts like counting, addition, subtraction, ascending and descending, more or less etc.

Alphabet Island

This section will help children associate with a little more than just ABC. . It has concepts like upper case Letters, lower case letters, phonics sounds, sight words etc.

Revision Island

In this section it content those worksheet, where your child need practice in any of Concepts Island.


At Tecvivid, we have handled the complexities, demands, specifications, and challenges with great care and passion.

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